Average Can Be Extraordinary

This has been a good week I suppose. I’m still vertical. I feel ok. Pain, stiffness, swelling has been at bay. (Translation, I can carry out my normal daily functions with only a little help).

Why write about a mundane, average week? Well, it’s been so long since I have had one that average is really quite extraordinary.

It sounds silly to most people to think that things like buttoning buttons, chopping onions, driving, and grocery shopping is extraordinary. But when it’s something you can’t do most of the time, it’s a pretty big deal. I like having enough strength in my hands to open the jar of spices by myself. I don’t like asking my almost 11 year old son to chop up the potatoes for dinner. (Though I’ll admit he’s really good in the kitchen).

I cherish the most mundane things these days; being able to put on my makeup without needing to rest, spending a day out shopping without having to use a wheelchair or cane; enjoying our small town Christmas parade.

The little things become a very big deal when they are the things that challenge you the most. And while I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, sometimes I can’t meet them head on anymore. So when I can, it makes my day a little brighter.


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