Pole Dancing

First off, let me put it put there that I am NOT a stripper. No danger of that ever happening for a number of reasons.

However, I have learned how to work a pole; the pole currently holding the IV medication that makes it a little easier to fulfill my obligations in this thing called life. The big bag holds saline to keep me hydrated and flush the lines. The smaller bag holds the magic…Remicade. The magic that will make the next eight weeks bearable for my family, friends, strangers I happen to run into and me.

Did you know that Remicade infusions are considered chemotherapy? I didn’t for a long time. I mean, cancer patients get chemo, not arthritis patients. Surprise, it’s the same thing! And the medicine dripping into my veins from this pole makes my life manageable. I still need help chopping veggies and opening the water bottles. But I can walk mostly unaided and can sit through a recital. That means that the three hours I spend dancing with this IV pole every eight weeks is totally worth it.

So today I’m pole dancing with Christmas carols in my ears and thankfulness in my heart. I’m thankful that I have some medication to help; that I have medical insurance to help; that I have a husband and son that understand; and mostly thankful for a God that is using this thing called arthritis for a bigger purpose.


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