Reflections on a New Year


At midnight this New Year’s Eve I will kiss my amazing husband and wish my friends a happy new year. But what does that really mean? “Happy New Year”?

2013 holds many mysteries. Family life, faith, medical treatments; life in general is a mystery. My son will become a Boy Scout in February and go to middle school in the fall. Oh the mystery of the tween years. So many new things to experience.

A happy new year for me will mean being able to experience all things to their fullest. It might require more planning than I like. I have always loved the “fly-by-the-hem-of-my-skirt” lifestyle. But planning is the curse of autoimmune illness. You have to learn your limits everyday (because they change with each new day). You have to be sure you don’t borrow too much from tomorrow so you can enjoy today. When you do, it means days of recuperating. Days better spent enjoying life.

I walk by faith knowing that my arthritis serves a higher purpose. I don’t pretend to know what that purpose is. And I do not question it. I see the good things being “sick” has brought. Yes, I said good things. Being sick has made me a better mom (most of the time). Wong sick made me focus on what is truly important instead of what society says is important. Being sick has given me opportunities to do things I would not have done.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Less room for failure. But I do reflect and make notes on things that could be changed in my world. I hope that when I reflect on 2013, I find that arthritis did not define me, but refined me.

Happy New Year!


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