I Am the Face of Arthritis


This is what arthritis looks like.

It’s going for regularly scheduled infusions and lab work in hopes the medication will help you feel better.

It’s IV tubes and needle sticks, x-rays and MRIs, frustration and confusion, wheelchairs and canes.

It’s laughing with the nurses because its all you can do.

This is what arthritis looks like.

It’s a mom smiling through the pain during the biggest performance of her sons life.

It’s a woman trying to figure out what to wear that will hide the swollen joints and be easy to get on and off.

It’s a wife trying to be everything her husband thinks she is (and feeling like she’s failing miserably).

This is what arthritis looks like.

It’s a beer with friends because they love you anyway.

It’s going out even though its easier to stay in.

It’s taking control and being determined to live life to fullest, despite the pain.

I am the face of arthritis. And this is what arthritis really looks like.

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