Is It the R&R or the Remicade?


The last three weeks or so, I’ve felt almost normal. It frightens me.

I got my Remicade Infusion three weeks ago. 3 days post infusion, my family loaded up and we took a road trip to
Florida. We made the drive down in 2 days, stopping when necessary to eat, stretch and loosen up. We did the overnight stay a few hours in and took a route we know well.

We spent 3 nights at Universal Studios. We opted to stay in one of the resorts and had a great time. I’m totally impressed with how they handled my accessibility needs. I used my wheelchair to get around the parks and used my cane when I was not in the chair. This meant I was able to stay in the parks all day long and enjoy all the rides. I highly recommend the Harry Potter section of Islands of Adventure.

When we checked out we went off to stay with friends. We enjoyed time at the beach and on the couch just doing nothing. When we headed back north, we came through South Carolina to see some family. It was a great trip.

I did take 4mg of methylprednisolone each day of vacation. I stopped taking them on our last travel day. Did I forget to mention steroids tend to make me think I’m Wonder Woman.

We’ve been home two weeks now. Given the cold weather that has settled in here, I’m thinking we should’ve stayed in Florida. But I still feel good. I still feel almost normal. Other than the crazy fatigue that goes along with having an autoimmune disease, I’ve managed to keep the swelling, pain and joint problems away.

Is it the Remicade (and steroids) or all the warm weather and R&R we got. I haven’t had any steroids in two weeks. My shoes all fit and I have not used my cane. But I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is the good the result of treatments finally doing what they’re supposed to or the great weather and rest?

I’m going to enjoy this respite from assistive devices. I know they will come back to my regular day all too soon. This week it will be 45 degrees here. It will be 85 in Florida. I have a feeling that “feeling better” will be back to feeling arthritic all too soon.


One thought on “Is It the R&R or the Remicade?

  1. I had a similar experience this summer when I went to Disney for 2 days. I think the excitement and r&r, coupled with their accommodations like motorized scooters and such, really made me have a great time. Sounds like such a great get away and I’m glad you were able to enjoy it!!!! Xoxo. Juls

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