The Show Must Go On

My blogging is sporadic at best. I let life get in the way most of the time. But that’s what happens, isn’t it? Life happens regardless of what plans we make, how we feel, what we do.

I’ve spent the last few months immersed in musical theatre with my son. He landed the lead role in a local production of Captain Louie, Jr. I’m so very excited for him. He’s shouldering a big part with big responsibility. But he lives to sing and perform. He once told me that when he is performing, he happiest. He’s at peace with everything around him. Profound for a 12 year old.

This role has led to some cool opportunities for the kiddo. He went to Atlanta with a group from the production to the Junior Theatre Festival. JTF is the coolest environment I’ve ever been a part of. So much positive. So much excitement. So much support. JTF leads to a possible trip to NYC for him this summer for acting workshops. Plus, there is that whole SDACDA honor choir thing. In Florida.

Did I mention we are trying to sell our house and relocate?

All of these amazing opportunities require parental supervision. I’m happy to go. I’m extremely proud of my son. Not because of what he is doing but because of who he is. But some of this is difficult when you’re “healthy”. Doing it disabled is a whole different beast. I have absolutely no problem asking for appropriate accommodations. I’ve been fortunate that the other parents have been helpful and understanding. I’m blessed beyond measure that my son does everything he can to help me. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

But disabled or not, the show must go on. So bring up the lights and cue the music. It’s show time!